Street Art by Basix (19)

Lismore, NSW, Australia / Back Alley Gallery. Photo: GarryK / TAB54 14th May 2016

10 thoughts on “Street Art by Basix (19)”

      1. There were a few articles written about the Back Alley Gallery and there was a bloke from Lismore who posted some pics on Google and he gave me some names. Also you often see stuff posted on FB where someone has named the artist. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it takes ages of trawling around Google, FB and Instagram trying to find a name. After a while you get to be able to recognise some artists work and style. Some artists sign their work and you can read their signature and some artists sign their work and you can’t read it or decipher it but even then once it’s been identified I can generally recognise it the next time I see it – provided they are consistent

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