Street Art by Void One (2022/02C) – RIP ‘Captain Tom’ (30th April 1920 – 2nd February 2021)

Birmingham, England. Photo: GarryK / TAB54 15th October 2022

7 thoughts on “Street Art by Void One (2022/02C) – RIP ‘Captain Tom’ (30th April 1920 – 2nd February 2021)”

    1. He was a 100 year old army veteran that raised £40 million for charity by doing laps of his garden during the pandemic lockdown. He’s one of three people in that mural (scroll down to the second shot). The other two are Astro – member of the UB40 reggae band and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was murdered by his bitch of a step-mother here’s a video it’s horrific what they did to him


  1. I couldn’t finish watching the video. So horrible. OMG how can people be that way? So awful. At least the street artist brought him back to life through his work. The world can be a truly horrible place.

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    1. I have lost count of the amount of cases like that there have been in the very recent past. I shit you not, it’s almost on a monthly basis. What really makes me angry is that these people will be walking the streets again within 10 years or considerably less. When these pieces of shit are eventually released they get protection, changed identities, social security benefits, accommodation paid for by the state etc. etc. and they are free to resume their lives again (unlike their victims). Occasionally you hear that one has been stabbed / killed in prison. Sometimes justice is served by the criminals because the ****ed-up justice system over here is completely broken.


      1. They should be dropped into a dark cell and never be released or see the outside again. Just like the grave their victim is in. It’s unthinkable that they are ever released. It’s the same everywhere and we pay to protect them? What is that all about. No health care but money for protecting murderers. I think justice is served when they are killed in jail. Why is it happening so often by you? That’s insane.

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