7 thoughts on “About The Art Blogger 54

  1. Hi David. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I know there were other artists involved but yours was the only name I could find associated with it so I credited you in all my posts . I notice that there are several different styles and several different skill levels so knew there was more than one artist involved


  2. btw, I am a Pom and resident in Pommieland but have been a frequent visitor to Oz and Mbah for many years. Last trip was almost a year ago to the day – left UK 3rd May 2016!


  3. btw I think theTotT mural is an outstanding piece of work and find it amazing that it doesn’t have more prominent presence on the internet. There can’t be that many murals in the world that are that long can there? Grossly underrated – sadly.


  4. I know about the Ages of the Tweed one. I think someone had just made a start on it and Basix and done a superb whale & turtle just by the bridge – just a bit different to his normal graffiti stuff! Not sure if you are on FB or not. I am – https://www.facebook.com/gkgl50 might be easier to communicate that way if you are on FB


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