Street Art by Artist Unknown (Bristol 2022/09)

Bristol, England. Photo: GarryK / TAB54 27th May 2022

Street Art by Artist Unknown (London 2022/04) – Romeo & Juliet Mural

Shoreditch, london/ New Inn Broadway. Photo: GarryK / TAB54

Although the name(s) of the artist(s) who created this work are unknown, it is known that it was organised by the Global Street Art Agency. Here is the text from their Instagram post for this mural dated 22nd July 2021: 

”The most perfect summery & florally mural 🌺 We organised this Romeo & Juliet wall a few years back at the original place in Shoreditch where the play was first performed – in the 16th Century! ⠀⠀

🤓 Lil history lesson: Back in 1572, the Mayor of London hugely restricted the number of performances allowed in central London, due to outbreaks of Plague (sound familiar?!), so theatre companies became a biiit more creative & started performing just outside the off-limits zone. And so this spot in Shoreditch was home to many many plays, including Romeo & Juliet for 22 years, until it was demolished. ⠀

We think this mural was super special for marking an awesome event in the history of Literature & Theatre 🎭”

For more information about the history behind this mural see this post from the Memoirs Of A Metro Girl blog: Romeo & Juliet mural marks the site of original Shakespearean theatre (before the Globe) | Memoirs Of A Metro Girl