The Treasures of the Tweed Mural – Info

Treasures of the Tweed Mural Project – Location

For most people it is a once in a lifetime trip, but I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in having been able to visit Australia on numerous occasions; I estimate that I have spent around two years of my life there on aggregate.

Many people reading this would very likely have never heard of my favourite place in Australia – a small country town called Murwillumbah.

Murwillumbah, pronounced murr-wool-umm-bar, is an Aboriginal name meaning ‘camping place’ and it is located in northern New South Wales on the River Tweed in an area known as the Northern Rivers. Close to the Queensland border, it is about a two-hour drive south of Brisbane.

Like many other rivers the Tweed is prone to flood from time to time, but Murwillumbah has a concrete flood wall or levee to help protect the vulnerable lower lying areas of the town from the effects of most flooding events.

The flood wall also serves as a canvas for local graffiti and mural artists. The river facing side of the wall is shared by ‘The Ages of the Tweed’ mural (which I haven’t seen yet) and the Graffiti Art Wall – the domain of local and visiting graffiti writing artists. The street facing side is the exclusive reserve of the ‘Treasures of the Tweed’ mural.

Treasures of the Tweed Mural Project – Artist Credits

I have taken many photographs of the Treasures of the Tweed mural and there are around 250 mural detail posts on the Urban Art a la cARTe blog ( and also on The Art Blogger 54 blog ( All of these have been credited to David Adams as the co-ordinating artist even though not all were painted by him.

I think it is fair and reasonable to assume that a large part of the mural is the work of David Adams but within the mural can be seen fairly obvious variations of style and quality that indicate work done by one of the other artists that assisted and participated in the project

If, as and when any mural detail blog post is identified as being the work of a specific artist then I will of course amend the posts and duly credit the individual artist accordingly.

Treasures of the Tweed Mural Project – Further information

The following extract is from the Murwillumbah Arts Trail website:

In 2008 the Tweed Shire Council commissioned coordinating artist David Adams, assisted by participants and volunteers, through the Federally funded ‘Work For The Dole Program’ to design and paint the Treasures of the Tweed Mural Project. It was an Australian Government Initiative facilitated by Job Futures SEQ [now WorkWays] and in 2011 facilitated by Nortec Employment & Training LTD. The Community Partners are the Tweed Shire Council and Tweed Landcare Inc. This Community Public Art Project is a mural of 700 metres, focusing on the rare and endangered flora and fauna of the Mount Warning Caldera, following the Tweed River through to the coast of North Eastern NSW. The mural is located along the concrete flood mitigation wall on the western side of the Tweed River bank on Commercial Road, Murwillumbah, adjacent to the Murwillumbah Services Club”